Meet Dr. Ali Ibrahim

Pain Management Physician in El Paso, TX

Dr. Ibrahim

Dr. Ibrahim finished all his medical training in Anesthesiology at Indiana University School of Medicine. He is a Board Certified Physician by the American Board of Anesthesiology. Upon completion of his residency, Dr. Ibrahim entered the private world of Medicine where he gained additional experience in advanced and modern pain management techniques.

Dr. Ibrahim has been actively and continuously involved in the latest techniques and modalities of pain medicine. His experience in pain medicine is so diverse and extensive. Such experience, was received and gained through so many years of active practice in anesthesiology and pain medicine and through continuing medical education seminars and educational venues from Harvard Medical School, North American spine society and many others.

Dr. Ibrahim’s passion for pain medicine is well known to all his peers and colleagues in this field. Dr. Ibrahim primary focus is interventional pain management. He focuses on regional techniques and modern procedures to manage and treat acute and chronic pain disorders while minimizing the daily pain medications intake.

Dr. Ibrahim continuously evolves and brings the latest FDA-approved up-to-date procedures and techniques in interventional pain management to our community. His main goal is to provide the best, newest and safest service to his patients